Custom screen printed tags are a great way to distinguish your brand from others, disguise the manufacturer of the shirt, and give your apparel a high-end look. For garments that have a sewn-in label, we charge a removal fee of $.30 per label, as illustrated below. Garments that have a tear-away tag are not subject to our tag removal fee. On light garments, you run the risk of the ink showing through to the back, and for this reason, we recommend using a light grey ink to help compensate for the see-through effect.

Please note that tag prints must follow The Federal Wool & Trade Act, and list the Country of Origin and Fabric content of the garment. Further, if you are printing on multiple brands or fabrics, each specific brand/fabric will require it’s own tag.


Adding a woven label to the inside neck, bottom hem, or sleeve hem adds a level of class and professionalism not found on standard apparel, and truly helps your brand stand out from the competition. You can either provide the tags yourself, or we can source them for you.

Our minimum for woven labels is 150 items, and pricing depends on the complexity and amount of detail on the label itself. Since all designs are different, we ask that you contact your fellow print nerd for a quote. Adding sewn-in labels to your apparel will add up to two additional weeks to our turnaround time.


If you retail your merchandise, keeping your apparel clean, organized, and professional looking is a must for your brands’ image. We take the hassle out of folding and bagging yourself, making your apparel ready to safely ship or sell from the minute your merch leaves our studio.

Along with folding and bagging, we also add a sizing sticker to the bag. The prices illustrated below include folding, bagging, the sticker, and applying the sticker. Custom screen printed bags are also available, and our print nerds would be happy to discuss your options with you! Folding and bagging will add up to 2 additional days to our turnaround.